How to take out Micro-Braids fast and easy

Hello my beautiful hair blog family! I hope all is well with you! Today I have 4 easy steps to taking out those micro-braids you love  to rock again and again! This should reduce your time in half!

1. First examine your braids carefully. There should be a slight difference as to where your natural hair ends and the extension continues on.

2. Cut about an inch or two lower than where your hair stops and the extension continues on.

3. Use your “take-down” spray, cream, or the like and apply to your hair. If you do not have “take-down” spray, that is alright too. You can begin to soak your hair in warm water and slather conditioner on your hair. The conditioner will cause the knots on the micro-braids to loosen up.

4. Use a rat-tail comb and begin to unwrap the ends all the way up the braid until your hair is loose and you can then begin to pull the extension off.

That’s it! Quick and easy!

For hair maintenance after the take-down, see my other blog for full details! I hope this has helped. Now getting braids will be no problem since you have found an easier way to take them down. 😉



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